Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Press Release For A Story Tourist In Britain

Fort Canoga Press is proud to announce the release of their newest book, “A Story Tourist In Britain” by Janet Crane Barley. The travel book allows the reader to tag along with Barley as she explores England and Scotland, and looks into the rich literary history of these countries alongside many of their heralded authors, and artists. Visit the homes of many of their greatest authors, and where they were inspired to create their best-known works, and meet the best and brightest writers and artists that Britain has to offer. 

“‘A Story Tourist In Britain' is six journals from my travels to England and Scotland with Book Adventures, an organization whose tours featured visits with authors telling stories behind their books as well as visits to settings of many books and other places tourists often miss,” says Barley. "One tour followed the trail of Jane Austen. We visited places important in her life and met specialists who have studied her life and times. Another tour tracked Harry Potter from Platform 9 3/4 to the Quidditch field. We met a childhood friend of J. K. Rowling’s as well as her only authorized “biographer”. Bill Bryson is my role model -- a keen observer who picks up interesting details others miss and tells stories with a sense of perspective and a keen sense of humor. I’ve tried also to collect interesting stories and to tell them well in my own voice."

Janet Crane Barley began her professional career as the women’s editor of a daily newspaper. She became an information services officer in the US Air Force, then continued her writing career with organizations in government contracting and health care, including hospice. Scarecrow Press published her book, Winter in July: Visits with Children’s Authors Down Under, in 1996. Last year, Scottish Life magazine published her story about the week she and her granddaughter spent at Aigas Wildlife Conservation Centre in the Scottish Highlands. She lives in Perrysburg, Ohio. 

Based in Charlotte, NC, Fort Canoga Press offers a wide selection of books that focus on the arts, photography and travel. If you would like to receive a review copy, set up an interview with Ms. Barley, or request copies for your bookstore or library, please email us at the contract information below.

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Daniel Coston

Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Book From Fort Canoga Press!

Hello All-

A Story Tourist In Britain is the newest book from FCP! Ohio-based author Janet Crane Barley offers her stories about traveling England and Scotland, seeing the places that inspired some of the greatest works in literary history, and meeting some of the best writers and authors that these countries have to offer. This is Ms Barley's second book, and we're proud to have her be part of the FCP family. You can purchase her book here-


My sincere thanks to Sandra Barley for her help in putting this book together. Spread the word, and I'll post info soon about this book, as well as other FCP projects. Best wishes,
January 9, 2014